The Wilderness Skills curriculum is centered on how God's creation provides our basic needs. Using science concepts and group problem solving, students learn skills to help them “stay alive” and avoid some of the problems people encounter in the wilderness. Basic Wilderness Skills is taught at the 5th or 6th grade level, while Advanced Wilderness Skills is designed for 7th and 8th grade students.


God's Great Outdoors:
This class introduces students to the circumstances that surround wilderness survival situations. Students learn steps to take to avoid unnecessary disasters, and learn how to plan a trip in God's great outdoors.


Finding the Way:

This class teaches students how to find their way in the wilderness using basic orienteering skills. Students practice the use of a compass through games and an orienteering course, and learn how maps can be used to gain valuable information about their location and direction.


Shelter from the Storm:

After discussing the importance of protection from the elements, students are challenged to build an efficient shelter to allow maximum energy conservation and protection, using the natural resources in the area.


It Only Takes a Spark:
Recognizing the need to maintain body heat, students learn how to use the surrounding resources to build a fire. The class emphasizes the importance of heat in some survival

situations, and on basic fire safety.


Group Initiatives:

Students learn team-building skills such as cooperation, communication, and trust. They are presented with a series of challenges, which require them to work together as a group. After each challenge, students are led in an assessment of their actions, roles, and use of team-building skills. Focus is on a better understanding of the body of Christ and an appreciation of its diverse members.


Dew or Die:

This lesson emphasizes the importance of water, and how understanding the properties of water can help them in a survival situation. Students learn skills that include finding water, purifying water, and building a solar still.


Lost and Found (Basic Wilderness Skills only):

Using teamwork and problem-solving skills, students serve as members of a search team to find a “missing person.” They discuss reasons people become lost, learn skills to prevent a search and rescue situation, and learn ways to increase their chances of being rescued in an emergency.

CA Science Standard 6


Not a Time To Be Alone (Advanced Wilderness Skills only):

This supervised solo is an opportunity for students to

experience time alone. This class gives students a chance to challenge themselves, although it is more of a mental

challenge than a physical challenge. Through sessions of preparation and debriefing, as well as the actual alone

time, students learn about dealing with fears, identifying needs, and the importance of spending time alone with

God. Students are able to get away from the everyday distractions and focus on God in His Creation.

CA Science Standard 6




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