The Travel Program uses Mt. Gilead Bible Camp in Sebastopol, California as a base camp. During the day we travel to a verity of locations to study Tide Pooling, Redwood Community, the Food Chain and Resource Management. These classes are able to added to our 5th, 6th or 7th grade programs being conducted at Mt. Gilead.

Schools are responsible for their transportation to locations.

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BODEGA HEAD - Coastal Community and Interdependence

Investigate and compare the coastal environment and communities with the community the students live in. Discuss and observe the roles of deer, cormorant, lupine, rabbits, whales, etc. and how they interrelate.

ARMSTRONG REDWOODS - Redwood Community and choices
Observe the environmental factors to determine the types of inhabitants within a community. Explore the redwood

community and it's ecological systems. See the results of one person's choice to utilize the land responsibly.

SALT POINT - Tide pool Community and the food chain

Explore a community structured according to tidal zonation. Observe the interaction of individuals within their zone, specifically relating to the food web.

FORT ROSS - Community Citizenship and Resources.
Become a part of a historical community that had limited resources and was comprised of several nationalities. Discuss why communities are developed, why some fail, and what impact man has on his environment.

SAW MILL - Resources

Experience the use of a resource - the idea of using timber as a crop. Discuss the fact that technology and the environment do interact within man's communities.





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